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You‘ll have a private lake front cabins which sleeps up to 8. Includes oil or wood stove, kitchenette,indoor plumbing. Wood fired hot tub, water bikes, satellite phone is available at the Lac Perdu camp. Each cabin comes with 2 bedrooms, an interior toilet, a fully-equipped kitchen furnished with all utensils and cookware, cold running water, electricity (generator), heat, propane stove and refrigerator. A central shower is also available.

For your safety, our base camp and outpost camps are equipped with satellite telephones. A seaplane can be on site within 40 minutes.

At the camp, we have designed a sheltered location for fish cleaning complete with wrapping paper, ice and freezer.

At the Lac Perdu camp we also provide the following features:


Hydrobikes Hydrobikes are fast, fun, and built to last! The Hydrobike is built around a super sturdy frame of powder-coated aluminum. Metal parts are corrosion resistant. The drivetrain is sealed water-tight offering protection even in salt water. The computer designed propulsion system features a 94% efficient propeller.

At 10 feet long, and 4 1/2 feet wide, the catamaran style pontoons make Hydrobikes impossible to tip. This safety means you can stay high and dry in complete safety.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub Down East Hot Tubs are made in a centuries-old, tried-and-true style. Barrel staves and floor pieces are milled to exact specifications from select milled Cedar and finished to a silky smoothness. Tension hoops are made using Stainless Steel as is tub hardware. Tension draw bolts are Stainless Steel. The Down East underwater stove and fence are installed in the tub, and the unit is shipped fully assembled along with Hot Tub Interior all key accessories. Hot tubs require no electricity or gas, can be set up in any out-of-the-way place. Designed for all seasons, they are ideal for country homes, camps, mountain or lake retreats, and the back-yard. The units are rugged but portable, can be moved in a pick-up truck.

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