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Q:Can we make the whole trip by plane?
A:Yes give us your departure location we will obtain the price and condition of transportation.
Q:Is There a runway nearby?
A:Yes, there is an airstrip at Chutes des Passes (49° 53'N - 71° 15'W)
Q:What should I do when landing on this airstrip?
A:Upon prior arrangement, we can pick you up and drive you to the seaplane base.
Q:What happens if I arrive by night?
A:We accomodate you in a cabin free of charge.
Q:Do we need to have a guide at lake Perdu?
A:No, we provide you with a map of the lake and show you the best fishing locations according to the season. However, should you want a guide we can offer you the best.
Q:What is the maximum luggage allowance?
A:Maximum of 75 lbs ( 30 kg ) per person including luggage and groceries (compulsory weighing). If the luggage allowance is exceede an additional plane will be charged.
Q:What are the topographic maps describing the dimensions of the lakes and rivers?
A:Lost Lake - 22L9 and 22L16
Three-Islands - 22K12
Caroline - 22K13
Q:Where are the lakes located?
A:Lac Perdu - 50° 40'N - 70° 13'W, map # 22L-09
Trois Iles- 50° 35'N - 70° 00'W, map # 22L-09
Caroline - 50° 47'N - 69° 58'W, map # 22K-13
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