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Your jumping off point will be Alma, QC. From Alma, you will make your way to the Air Saguenay floatbase at Lac Margane.

Click here to get directions from your location to Alma via MapQuest.

NOTE: However Mapquest sends you, try to avoid either Montreal or Quebec traffic. For example, if you are entering Canada by US I 87, skirt Montreal by taking Can 15 to Can 30 to Can 20 to Trios Rivieres, then take CAN 55/155 North to Lac St Jean and Alma. Alma is your best bet for groceries, gas fill up etc. You'll need enough gas for a 240 mile round trip.

Directions from Alma to the Airbase:

  1. Continue on 169 North (Nord) , leaving Alma, to the point where you cross a bridge over a hydro plant, and the road narrows to one lane Northbound. Reset your odometer to Zero at this point.
  2. Continue 7 MI to a RH turn to Ascension , landmarked by a large black stone church with a tin roof on the left side of the road. If you don't already have a fishing or hunting license(zone 29), purchase one at the "Bijouterie Tabagle & Sport " store. It's on the LH side before the church. At the church, Turn Right to Ascension, on “la Rue Joseph W. Fleury”.
  3. Continue through Ascension to the Tee in the road at 15 MI . At the Tee, turn Left (the sign points to "Lac Rose"), continue past the Lac Rose turn until it joins the main logging road at 29 MI .
  4. Logging Road rules of the road: • the logging trucks have the right-of-way . • the logging trucks are over-height, over-wide and usually over on your side of the road • It’s your responsibility to stay out of their way • They monitor CB channel 10 ; if you announce your location at every KM post, they will accommodate you when you meet. ESPECIALLY at the bridges and blind curves. • Headlights on, CB on, cruise control OFF!!!
  5. Check in at the guard shack and pay then road use fee (about $10) Bear Right ( North ) , and continue on the main logging road. All directions are now based on the km posts, rather than your odometer.
  6. For your information there is a phone booth at the 44 mile (71 km) post.
  7. There is a LEFT fork at the 108 kM /67 mi. post, don't take it, continue on the main road which is the RH fork.
  8. IF YOU ARE DRIVING IN CALL US FOR ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONS IF YOU ARE FLYING IN: Turn left at the 82 mile (132 km) post and follow the sign with the Air Saguenay logo.
  9. Continue on this road for 8.2 miles (14 km) to the air base entrance: Air Sqguenay/Lac Margane.
  10. Turn left into the air base road. It is 2.3 miles (3.7 km) to the base.
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