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Our Suggestions

Trolling don't use a wire leader.
Spincasting A depth sounder is recommended, you will locate the fish and get to know the lake. Lake trout can be caught at the surface all season, but when they go deep, use a downrigger and your sonar.
Rod medium to heavy action.
Fishing line Between 10 and 12 pounds. 12 good quality black swivels.
Sinkers 5 trolling lead swivel ¾ ounce, 5 eggs sinker 1 ounce, 5 rudder flash.
try a Wobbler spoon with a minnow lure trailing 3 feet behind
Williams Whitefish silver copper 6" X 1 ½" once
Williams Flasher silver copper 5" X 1 ½" once
Sutton silver copper 7 ½"
Ruby Eyes 3 ½" silver copper
Toronto Wobbler 4" silver copper
Cyclops from Mepps Trophy II
Spinner Mepps Aglia or Aglia long num. 4-5
Color: Silver - red - fluorescent
Streamer Magog Smelt    Mickey Finn
Rainbow smelt    Pink Lady
Minnow lures
good for deeper trolling; rig a 1 oz egg sinker to a rudder flash, with a minnow lure trailing 3 feet behind
Canadian Wigler silver 4"
Rapala Jointed red fluo 4 ½"
Jointed silver 4 ½"
Fat rap deep runner silver 2 ¾"
Wood Plug Lyman 5" black - white - silver
Cotton Cordel Ripplin red fin 4 ½" VERY GOOD Gold - silver
Smithwick rattlin roque 4 ½" Silver - gold

Rod 8 ½' fly rod
Fishing line #6 weight forward, use 50 yards of backing and a 4 lb leader.
flies Lake trout are most effectively fly fished when they are surface feeding, they will come to the surface to feed even if warmer surface water temperatures drives them deeper to the 50° water.

Rod 8 ½' fly rod
Fishing line #6 weight forward, use 50 yards of backing and a 4 lb leader.
flies may fly, see the Brook trout suggestions.

Rod Spinning or fly rod,light or medium action.
Fishing line 4 to 8 pounds 12 swivel interlock ball bearing snap number 1, 12 snelled hooks baitholder. A good rig for speckled trout is to use a spoon as an attractor, then troll a fat nightcrawler 18 inches behind.
Spoons Toronto Wobbler 2 ½"
Sutton 44 - Sutton West River
Mooselook Mepps 2-5
Don't forget your nightcrawlers, about 15 a day each person.

Rod 8 ½' or 9' fly rod
Fishing line #5 or #6 weight forward, use 50 yards of backing and a 4 lb leader.
Streamers Wood special 4XL sizes 8 or 10
Montreal Whore 8XL sizes 4 or 6 with a sinking tip
Mickey Finn 4 XL sizes 8 or 10
White Marabou Muddler 6XL sizes 10 or 12
Wet flies Trout Fin sizes 10 or 12
Montreal sizes 10 or 12
Grizzly King sizes 10 to 14
Nymphs March Brown 1XL sizes 12 or 14
Hendrickson 2XL sizes 12 or 14
Zug Bug 2 XL sizes 12 or 14
Hare's Ear Reddish Brown 4 XL sizes 12 or 14
Dry flies Orange Compara-dun sizes 12 to 16
Red Quill sizes 12 or 14
Elk Hair Caddis, Tan, sizes 12 to 16
March Brown sizes 10 or 12

Rod big … heavy
Fishing line 10 to 12 pounds, a bigger line is hard to cast. Use a black 6 ball bearing swivel with a wire stand leader. Pike are fished in shallow, weedy water.
Spoons Toronto Wobbler 4" silver
Sutton frisbee
Trophee II
Mepps Cyclops 4"
Use a light spoon to avoid snagging.
Any weed free features on your lures will be helpful.
Minnow lures Minnow lures are superior for pike. Try the
Rapala floating jointed fluo red 5 ¼"
With this floater, you can cast it anywhere and retreive it slowly to tease these fresh water sharks.
Smithwick Suspending rattlin roque 4 ½" or 5 ½"
This minnow lure is excellent for pike. This is a suspending lure; you cast it and the lure is suspended in the water right in front of the pike's large mouth.

Rod 9 ½' fly rod
Reel balanced to the rod, with a drag
Fishing line #9, weight forward.
fly Pick a Pike / Muskie assortment.
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