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What to bring

The Quebec Dept of Wildlife and Parks website has everything you will need to know. The URL is

You can drive to Lac Perdu and bring as much gear, tackle, food & supplies as you choose.

Below is information if you chose to fly rather then drive in. The float plane baggage weight limit is 75 lbs / 34 Kg per person for the entire trip. This includes clothing, tackle, and food ( if you are on the housekeeping plan.) Additional baggage may be flown in for an additional charge.

The 75 lb weight limit may seem ambitious (once again, if you are on the housekeeping plan) however it is done all the time. Backpackers have no trouble with it as they have discovered dehydrated meals and MREs. They can be found at or at A 12 pack of MREs (2 meals a day for 6 days) weighs 21 lb and costs about $75. Dehydrated meals are even lighter. This leaves 54 lbs for your tackle and gear.

Here are a few tips from one of our customers:

Because of weight limits on float planes, packing for several days can be at best, challenging. However, there are some things that you can do to reduce weight without sacrificing a great trip. Remember to keep it simple, youíre looking forward to great fishing and not great eating! You start with a simple list of the meals required and the likes and dislikes of those on the trip. Break the task down to a day-by-day, meal-by-meal basis and donít forget to let the lake provide at least two of the meals. If you choose good nutritious food that you like, and in a reasonable quantity, most people will be happy and satisfied. Letís pack our cloths first. Packing clothes is a great place to save weight because so many people over pack and end up taking things that they never use, let alone need. You only need one medium weight coat or jacket, two flannel quilted outer shirts, three pairs of pants, a set of very light rain gear (top & bottom), three pairs of socks and underwear for each day. If you fly fish, donít forget the waders, vest and boots. Now, that doesnít sound like much, but remember that you can always wash and hang dry anything you wish. The rule of remote fishing is, ďif itís dry, it will flyĒ. Also, remember that when board the float plane you will be wearing the following item: boots, pants, shirt, coat (over the vest) and fill your pockets with a couple of small fly boxes, candy bars, soap bars, and anything small but heavy. Now that weíve covered the thing that will warm the outsides and letís consider some things that you can do to warm the insides and that means your food for the week. The first thing that will put you over the top, as far as weight goes is any liquid. Try to only bring dry powdered mixtures for drinks, instant coffee, chocolate, and tea bags in plastic bags instead of heavy glass jars. Spaghetti sauce can go into a plastic bag, frozen to keep other things cool. The same thing will go for sugar, use Splenda instead because itís much lighter and is made from regular sugar anyway. Take it out of the box and place it into a Zip Lock bag, Buy a set of salt and pepper in picnic sized set and real small plastic containers of mustard, catsup, relish and mayonnaise. Get a couple of boxes of Jiffy Mix and place them into Zip Locks (This item will make rolls, sugar cookies, meat roll, dumpling, shortcake, pancakes, and biscuits) also. Get a small plastic bottle of maple syrup. Get frozen vegetables and place them into plastic bags and being frozen will take the place of ice. Instant potatoes and dried scalloped potatoes are nice to have and once again pour the contents into zip lock bags. Macaroni or Spaghatti goes into plastic bags as well. Now, depending on your menu, buy the meat (Hot Dogs, Ground Beef, Bacon, Cold Cuts, cheese, and sliced ham. Add a couple of large sweet onions, bread, eggs, peanut butter, chips, snack foods and butter can be frozen as well to help keep things cool in the cheap Styrofoam Cooler purchased at the grocery store. These coolers are real light compared to your regular coolers. Be a hero and always try to have a different meal for each evening of the trip. The rest of the meals can use the same basic foods in different combinations to give a little variety.

Richard J Babine, Registered Maine Guide

  • Everything should be packed in a soft side duffel.
  • Sleeping bags, late summer weight suitable for 30°F.
  • Fishing tackle. (see our Tackle & Bait suggestions)
  • We provide PFDs.
  • Food, if you are on the housekeeping plan. Keep the 75lb / 34 Kg baggage weight limit in mind.
  • Towels, clothing etc.
  • Insect repellent should be DEET free such as Buzz Off lotion. DEET will damage a fly line. Insect proof outfits are recommended if you will be creek fishing before mid-July. Bugs are never a problem on the open waters, and the black flies are gone by mid-July. If you are fishing the creeks and sloughs, or if you will be portaging to unfished waters, we recommend headgear, at least. Good stuff can be found at
  • We provide a satellite telephone .
  • Passport, even for US / Canada crossings. The good old days of driver’s license and birth certificate are over.
  • Canadian firearms regulations may be seen at
  • If your firearms or other belongings are of unusual value, you will want to also register them with US Customs, before taking them out of the US so that there will be no question when you bring them back. See :
  • Canadian regulations on import of your pet dogs are found at:
  • Fishing licenses are available at the camp.

Some of what we provide

  • A bed with mattress, bed lining and pillow
  • Interior toilet with toilet paper
  • Central shower with cold and hot water
  • Heating system
  • Kitchen equiped with gas stove, refrigerator, pots and pans, dishes along with cooking and serving ustensils, table and chairs
  • Gas BBQ
  • First aid kit
  • Dish soap, dish towels, garbage bags, table cloth
  • A boat for 2 people along with motor and gas
  • Ice, freezer
  • Smoke house (hot or cold smoke)

List of Boats available

Lund Logo

Rebel Boats

Standard Features
Construction: Aluminum corner castings • Double-riveted seams • Environmentally friendly decks and floor • Heavy-duty transom • No-pinch solid-metal seat hinges • Oven-cured finish • Poured-foam flotation • Splash pan • Wider beam for a smoother ride
Livewell: Aerated port
Rod Storage: 7'2" port and 7'2" starboard (1650) • 7'0" starboard (16)
General Storage: Up to eight compartments
Flooring: Marine-grade carpeting
Seating: Two premium pedestal seats • Easy-change pedestal bases • Solid pedestals
Other: Bow casting platform • Bow curtain • Deck mounting pad • Enhanced aft with
hideaway storage for fuel tank, battery (1650) • Four chrome cleats • Self-draining splash pan

1650 Rebel Specs
Hull: New IPS™ (Integrated Power Strake™)
Material: Marine-grade 5052 H34 aluminum
Length: 16'6"
Beam: 76.50"
Transom: 20"
Bilge: Single pump
Lighting: Navigational
Power: Hideaway battery storage with holder
Outboard Rating: 60 HP (SS&DC) • 50 HP (tiller)

16 Rebel Specs
Hull: Classic V
Material: Marine-grade 5052 H34 aluminum
Length: 16'0"
Beam: 73"
Transom: 20"
Bilge: Single pump
Lighting: Navigational
Power: Battery holder
Outboard Rating: 45 HP

SunParty Logo

Suncaster Boat Standard Features

  • Marine alunimum alliage 5052 H 36
  • Sealed pontoon bulkheads every 4'
  • Rear floatation cones with transducer bracket
  • All aluminum motor mount
  • Heavy duty "Z" aluminum 3/16" cross channels
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Pressure treated 3/4" plywood
  • Extended bow deck covered with 20 oz. deluxe marine grade carpet
  • Full length extruded .125" heavy duty deck brackets
  • Full length pontoon keels (under and side)
  • 4 moorings eyes
  • 1 trailer towing eye
  • 4 cleats for fenders
  • Wheel chair sized gates 32" and one 24" gate at the front
  • Deluxe command center with trash compartment inside front door
  • Large tinted windshield and instrumentation
  • Electric horn
  • Deluxe adjustable stainless steel steering wheel
  • 2 courtesy lights (1 in dressing enclosure, 1 inside the bar)
  • Navigation lights
  • Deluxe convertible buggy style bimini top w/boot made from deluxe "TOP GUN" material
  • Side folding and retractable boarding ladder
  • Rear dinette table
  • Electric livewell
  • Large captain flip-flop seat with ice box (34 quarts) inside
  • Dressing enclosure at the rear
  • Sink with pump operated faucet
  • Bar with mirror inside
  • "L" shaped stern lounge for more seating accomodation
  • 4 egonomic deluxe chairs (2 up front and 2 at the rear)
  • Drink holders
  • Padded plush heavy weight upholstery
  • Storage under all lounges
  • All seat bases made of aluminum
  • 2 storages (up front)
  • Fishing rod compartment
  • Binnacle (Top mount) style control for MERCURY, O.M.C., YAMAHA or SUZUKI

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